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Dr. Claire Brady is a nationally recognized educator and passionate advocate for AI in higher education.

Claire is leading the charge in AI literacy as a vocal advocate across higher education.

Claire is dedicated to equipping executive teams and student affairs professionals with the necessary tools and knowledge to leverage the immense potential of AI in their personal and professional lives.  

Claire offers a variety of AI-focused professional development opportunities, including in-person full-day trainings and workshops and virtual facilitated trainings and workshops.

We know that your professional development funding is limited and precious, so we offer transparent pricing for these timely, pioneering, and tailored professional training opportunities.


Our most popular workshops are described in detail below.

We tailor all trainings to your unique institutional needs, comfort with AI, and audience. 

Unlocking AI for Student Affairs Staff

Format: 60-minute facilitated online workshop

Cost: $750

Learning Outcomes:

  • Demystify AI: Gain a solid understanding of artificial intelligence fundamentals in both personal and professional contexts and start to build AI literacy.

  • AI in Higher Education: Identify and analyze real-world examples of AI applications, with a specific focus on pioneering use cases in student affairs and higher education.  

  • Best Practices for Integration:  Develop a critical lens to evaluate emerging best practices for incorporating AI into personal and professional activities. Consider factors such as ethical use, data security, and consent when exploring AI integration strategies.

  • Weighing the Impact: Explore how AI can enhance efficiency, personalize experiences, and address specific challenges, while also considering issues of bias, transparency, consent, and responsible data security practices.

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Leveraging AI for Student Affairs Excellence (Leadership Teams)

Format: 90-minute facilitated online workshop

Cost: $900 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Real-World Applications: Analyze real-world examples of AI successfully implemented in Student Affairs. Identify the challenges addressed and the positive impact on student outcomes, administrative effectiveness, and professional development.

  • Ethical AI Use: Address the critical aspects of mitigating bias in AI tools, prioritizing student privacy, and ensuring robust cybersecurity.

  • Evaluate AI Tools: Develop the skills to critically assess and choose AI technologies that align with goals and enhance operations.

  • Department-Specific AI Applications: Dive into tailored discussions and activities that explore innovative AI uses across Student Life.

  • Emerging Best Practices: Unpack the latest trends, success stories, and lessons learned in applying AI across various student affairs areas.

  • Vendor Collaboration Strategies: Gain insights into selecting and working with vendors, ensuring alignment with institutional needs.

Full-day- Embracing Pioneering AI Practices Across Student Affairs

Format: Full day on-site facilitated experience 

Cost: Pricing varies depending on length of program & travel logistics


Building on our foundational exploration of AI in an opening keynote, and further supported by smaller interactive workshops, this day-long professional development experience invites participants to delve deeper into the practicalities and possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI) across Student Affairs.


Through a mix of presentation content, interactive learning, and hands-on practice, attendees will collaboratively uncover tailored AI applications designed to elevate operational efficiency, student engagement, and personalized learning experiences. This session will also emphasize pioneering best practices in specific areas, effective vendor collaborations, ethical AI use, and future-forward thinking in the dynamic landscape of Student Affairs. This full-day experience will be highly tailored to your needs.

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