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ChatGPT Fatigue? Unleash the Power of Free Generative AI Tools in OpenAI

When I do AI trainings, I always ask the participants what AI tools they are currently using. 99% of the time, they respond "ChatGPT" and nothing else! I then introduce them to a wide variety of Generative AI tools that are free and accessible.

We are now entering week 6 of our Blog series "GenAI: More Than Just a Fancy Spellchecker" launching on Mondays throughout May & June. In this series, we dig into how you can use Generative AI tools like Google Gemini, ChatGPT, & (& others) to supercharge their executive workflow and communications. Last week, we discussed the benefits and applications of Conversational AI tools such as Chat Bots and Virtual Assistants, and this week we are going to explore some fun and creative Gen AI tools available for FREE in the OpenAI platform.

The four examples provided below (Cartoonize Yourself, Coloring Book Hero, Logo Creator, and DALL-E2) are also linked for your reference.

This is a fun AI tool that generates a Pixar-style cartoon image of a photo that you upload.

I find that you have to be directive about requesting non-standard body shapes/sizes and different age ranges and racial/ethnic backgrounds. The results can be fun and a great way to break into using OpenAI's tools.

By entering a simple prompt, this AI tool will generate a coloring book page for you.

I find that you have to sometimes generate a few options before you get what you are looking for. Sometimes the tool colors in the image for you and you have to ask it to fix the image.

Some of my clients have used this tool for family events and K-12 recruiting events. Remember to take branding and copyright into consideration when using these tools.

My company logo was actually created by Fiverr's AI logo tool (cost was less than $100) after several attempts with a human designer failed to produce a compelling logo. Open AI has several logo generators, including Logo Creator. I prompted it to create a logo for my company "Glass Half Full". The tool asked some questions about style, colors, etc and generated these examples. They aren't ready for production , but they could help you ideate concepts when working with a graphic artist or more sophisticated AI tools.

I have such mixed feelings about this image generator. On one hand, it produces content that is unique and easily recognizable as DALL-E. On the other hand, I find it wildly unreliable, terrible with text, and needs to be directed to show diverse populations, body shapes, & ages. This example was generated using this prompt: "Can I please see a digital cartoon of a student's great first day at Reynolds Community College?" with this follow up prompt: "Can I see more options for genders and races?"

For more examples of creativity-related AI tools, visit my previous blog on this topic.

Whate generative AI tools are you using? Have you explored any specifically for creativity- such as image generators, music composition, art, or video?

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