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Dr. Claire Brady AI-related Podcast Interviews

Updated: May 22

I am honored to have been invited to several podcasts over the past few months to discuss my work in championing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in higher education. These conversations have provided a platform to explore the transformative potential of AI in education, share insights, and engage with thought leaders in the field.

Stay tuned for updates as new podcast episodes are added!

Orbis "Mindset in Motion" Podcast, hosted by Dr. Bill Heinrich, May 2024

"Dr. Claire Brady: A.I. in Student Affairs" episode: Today we connect with Dr. Claire Brady, President of Glass Half-Full Consulting! Claire and I were classmates long ago and recently reconnected to talk about Artificial Intelligence in Student Affairs. Claire has served in many roles, including VPSA and now consults with campus organizations about AI, getting started, and what to avoid. Her insights are clear and timely. We also take a listener question from a seasoned Student Success practitioner, Dr. Jeff Burrow from the University of Toronto."

Josie & the Podcast "In my AI Era", hosted by Dr. Josie Ahlquist, March 2024

"Diving into the world of Artificial intelligence (AI) can be intimidating. Or maybe you’re unsure about using it at all. In this episode, I’ll cover the importance of staying updated with changing AI trends, discuss possible concerns and benefits of integrating AI in higher ed, provide practical and effective steps for experimenting with AI, and recommend several (several) resources for learning more. I am also in the early stages of exploring, so I wanted to seek some advice from my colleagues and hear all about how they’re using different tools. Throughout the episode, you’ll hear from me; Carrie Phillips, Chief Communications Officer at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock; Claire Brady, President of Glass Half Full Consulting (and a former Vice President for Student Affairs); and Joel Villarani, Director of Social Media at Florida International University."

D'Youville University's AI in Higher Education Podcast, hosted by Humberto Hernandez and Susan Arnold, May 2024

"Join our hosts, Humberto and Susan, in this insightful podcast episode as they delve into the transformative potential of AI in higher education. Featuring guest expert Dr. Claire Brady, the discussion covers a range of pressing topics, including the integration of AI into academic programs, challenges faced by institutions, strategies for maintaining academic integrity, and the role of AI in improving student retention rates. With a focus on innovation, ethics, and practical applications, this episode offers valuable insights into the evolving landscape of AI in higher education.

Want to invite Claire to be a guest on your podcast?

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