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GHFC Research Brief: 2024 Survey of College and University Chief Academic Officers (AI adoption-related content)

Inside Higher Education and Hanover Research have released the 2024 Survey of College and University Chief Academic Officers (May 2024) and they prioritized Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the first time in this important annual survey or senior academic officers.

“The survey underscores the urgency for higher education institutions to develop comprehensive AI policies, enhance training programs, and review curricula to prepare students for an AI-dominated future. While enthusiasm for AI is high, institutions must address concerns related to academic integrity and ensure that AI's implementation aligns with strategic goals. Institutions that proactively embrace AI and equip their faculty, staff, and students with the necessary skills will be better positioned to leverage AI's transformative potential and maintain a competitive edge.” Dr Claire Brady, President Glass Half Full Consulting and Champion for AI in Higher Education

The 2024 survey conducted by Inside Higher Ed and Hanover Research highlights significant trends and challenges related to the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in higher education. The survey reveals a growing recognition of the importance of AI, alongside concerns about its implementation and impact.

The Research Brief includes detailed information about:

  • AI Policies and Governance

  • Curriculum and Student Preparedness

  • Concerns and Enthusiasm

  • AI Utilization

Please download our "GHFC Research Brief" for more details:

GHFC REPORT IN BRIEF 2024 Provost Survey AI related content
Download PDF • 106KB

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