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GHFC Research Brief: 2024 Work Trend Index Annual Report “AI at Work Is Here. Now Comes the Hard Part.” May 2024

"According to a new report from Microsoft and LinkedIn, AI adoption is skyrocketing, with employees experiencing significant productivity and creativity gains. Businesses that prioritize AI training and leadership buy-in will be best positioned to thrive in the future of work." Dr Claire Brady, President, Glass Half Full Consulting & Champion for AI in Higher Education

The rapid adoption of AI in the workplace is transforming the workplace, with a significant rise in the use of generative AI tools. In the past six months, the use of generative AI has nearly doubled, with 75% of global knowledge workers now utilizing AI in their daily tasks. Notably, 46% of these users began using AI less than six months ago. This surge in AI adoption is driven by its substantial benefits, as reported by users: 90% say AI helps them save time, 85% find it aids in focusing on critical tasks, 84% believe it boosts their creativity, and 83% feel it enhances their overall work enjoyment.

Industry leaders recognize the necessity of AI, with 79% agreeing that adopting AI is crucial for staying competitive. However, challenges remain, as 59% of leaders are concerned about quantifying AI's productivity gains, and 60% feel their organizations lack a clear plan and vision for AI implementation. Additionally, the trend of Bring Your Own AI (BYOAI) is prevalent, with 78% of AI users bringing their own tools to work, and 80% in small to medium-sized companies doing the same. Despite this, there are concerns about transparency and job security, with 52% of users reluctant to admit using AI for significant tasks and 53% worried it makes them appear replaceable. As AI continues to integrate into work processes, addressing these concerns while harnessing AI's transformative potential will be crucial for institutional success.

Please download our "GHFC Research Brief" for more details:

2024 Work Trend Index AI at Work is Here. Now Comes the Hard Part
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