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Unlock your Potential with Executive Coaching

Executive coaching has become an essential leadership tool, designed to meet the needs of both emerging leaders and seasoned executives. As executive leadership evolves, the roles and responsibilities become more demanding and complex. This has necessitated a shift towards a more personalized and strategic approach to professional growth and executive support. Traditional methods like conferences, reading materials, and general training programs often fall short in providing the tailored support needed to successfully navigate the intricacies of executive challenges.

Our approach is centered on understanding your unique context and objectives, allowing us to provide the precise support you need at this pivotal time in your career. Whether you are adjusting to a new leadership environment, aiming for higher executive positions, or preparing for major career shifts, we can partner with you to navigate these critical transitions with confidence and personalized support.

Our Coaching Philosophy

Our executive coaching philosophy is grounded in the belief that every leader has unique, inherent potential waiting to be unlocked. This transformative journey hinges on uncovering and leveraging each leader's distinct strengths and capabilities. Through targeted guidance, our clients are empowered to navigate the complexities of their roles with greater efficacy, make impactful decisions, and inspire their teams and organizations.

Collaborative Partnership: A Foundation of Trust and Synergy

Central to our approach is the creation of a partnership built on trust and mutual respect. This collaborative dynamic between coach and executive fosters an environment where open, honest dialogue thrives, paving the way for profound personal and professional growth. Together, we explore your innate wisdom, tackle obstacles head-on, and set ambitious, achievable goals.

Results-Oriented Coaching: Achieving Peak Performance

The focus of our work together is not just about reaching goals but achieving them in ways that reflect the highest levels of personal and professional achievement. Whether it’s refining leadership skills, enhancing strategic thinking, or boosting organizational impact, the coaching journey is tailored to produce significant and measurable outcomes.

Unwavering Support: I Am in Your Corner

Throughout this journey, I am more than just a coach; I am a steadfast ally in your corner. My commitment to your success is unwavering, and together, we will unlock the extraordinary potential within you to lead and succeed.

"Engaging in executive coaching with Claire was a pivotal decision in my career. Coming into a new VP role, I faced significant challenges, including leading major change initiatives and managing a complex staff team. Claire's coaching was not only insightful but profoundly transformative for me."
"When our university welcomed a new President, the shift in leadership style and priorities was a challenge. Claire's coaching was instrumental during this transition. She helped me to adapt and align my goals to the new President. Claire also helped me strengthen my advocacy for my division while building a solid relationship with my new President and our executive team."

Coaching for every stage of your Career

"After 8 years in Higher Ed, I wanted to transition to a non-profit focused on educational equity. Claire helped me explore this new path thoughtfully and strategically. Claire supported me through every step and I am now thriving in a

career that aligns with my passions and skills. I highly recommend Claire

to any professional thinking about a major career change."

Our executive coaching services are particularly valuable during periods of career transition, whether you are stepping into a new executive role or navigating changes such as a new supervisor or a forthcoming retirement. I have successfully guided professionals assuming positions from Director to President, as well as those transitioning to new career fields.

At each step of your professional journey, we offer bespoke coaching solutions designed to address your specific needs and challenges.


Our goal is to empower you to excel in your current role and prepare you for future opportunities, ensuring your growth is continuous and aligned with your career aspirations.

Some organizations offer coaching as part of their budget and some through their EAP provider. In many cases, the executive chooses to make a personal investment in executive coaching services. We believe in transparent pricing for our coaching services. Please reach out to set up an introductory call to see if our coaching services will meet your needs.


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