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Glass Half Full Consulting

Non-profit, higher education, and
Corporate Executive Consultants.

AI enthusiasts and student success champions.
Speakers, trainers, & consultants.

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Why Glass Half Full?

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It's more than just a catchy phrase. It reflects our core belief in abundance, opportunity, and an optimistic outlook. Imagine a scenario: you're presented with a glass filled to its halfway mark. The pessimist fixates

on the vacant space, focusing on what's absent, while the optimist perceives the glass as half full, focusing on its brimming potential.


This analogy epitomizes the essence of Glass Half Full Consulting—it's about fostering an outlook that accentuates possibilities and solutions amidst challenges. By embracing this mindset, we are empowered to navigate complexities with resilience and ingenuity. It's about recognizing that amidst every challenge lies an opportunity for growth and evolution. We strive to inspire others to embrace this spirit, unlocking their

potential to thrive in a world brimming with possibilities.


This philosophy also defines our team dynamic and our approach to

work. We're passionate, positive, and driven to help our clients see the

"glass half full" in every situation. 

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